The Art of Poetry.
Friendship and Post Mortem Depression (Part I)
© July 1, 2002 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

Early, I read into those words that you had written
Far much more than you may have wanted to have given.
I hope that somehow, the time that we had spent together
Means as much to you, as I will always treasure.
I know that in comparison, I am unable to compete
No matter what can be said, I can never make you complete.
A curse that I have is that I think too often
I twist things around so that the hardness begins to soften.
In the earliest of days of what is discovery
My heart had pounded so without recovery
I felt the anticipation within you as our hearts had collided
However, as of late, I feel that desire has resided.
The passionate kisses had rained on my heart as in an ocean
I struggle to get by on just one as if there was reason for caution.
For the collision of our bodies, we had longed so hard
The flame of those yesterdays seems extinguished and charred.
I don’t know what had changed to make things as they are
I had thought our discovery would have been wide and far
I have a tendency to hold on too strong with a mighty grip
I was able to taste you with that gentle and sweet sip
I hope that in some way I have impacted your life
As for you, you have me, hard – in all that you do like a knife.
Before you grow tired of me in my simple ways
I hope you continue to think of me on some future day.
A friend you were before that fatal day
A friend I am in my devoted and faithful way.
I believe the word friend has much connotation
So vast and so we were sent in different directions
It was up to that word; that all we did we did not hesitate
It was up to that word; that within me all was great
When friendship was introduced in our course of discussion
That seemed to affect all course of action.
I have written words of endearment and those of affection
All those things hold true as they were written
I have written that words are whom I am and make me
In such words I mask those so important deficiencies
I can allure with sweet suggest in prose
I can do far more than simply compose
I can charm through wondrous conversation
With such bring out the very best of a woman
It is through those trials of a relationship
That immediately has some jump from port and from ship to ship.
It wasn’t the moment that friendship was introduced
It really was the moment that we were seduced