The Art of Poetry.
Friendship and Post Mortem Depression (Part II)
© July 1, 2002 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

On you this is of no reflection
I write this with the greatest of in trepidation

For me the seduction was part of the chase
That moment relived day after day

When I see in you joy that we bring together
I enjoyed, too, our moments of candor

It has been long since I have had reason to be
You certainly stirred reason for that within me

You gave me reason to enjoy each new day
Though there are nights alone wherever I stay

I miss that magic that stirred through the air
Whenever we both knew that the time would be near

Honesty from the start is what we had planned
Such came from the heart as it wrote by the hand

It was too late; I already had made the decline
Deeper in love without even trying

Early, I read into those words that you had written
Far much more than you may have wanted to have given.
Friendship and Post Mortem Depression (Part II)