The Art of Poetry.
A Dose of Time Pieces
© July 23, 1989 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

To seek the truth of reality – I chose to let my mind flee
To envelop such knowledge – I fly to another frame
As the time slips through the sands – I begin to laugh
Another time – from a different fabric of my mind
Another place – like a still photo from a dream.

My mind begins to focus – on a kaleidoscope world
Where colors blend and contrast into monumental shapes and designs
Where light is refracted from the center of the edge
And where sounds echo from Alpha to Omega.

Only then do I realize my inner being.

But is this the truth I seek – as I slide deeper into the hour glass.
The world becomes even more distorted as I become more philosophic
As airplanes stop in the middle of a trip
And candles burn faster than a speeding bullet
Which by the way just exploded into political debate
Infants die before they are old enough to cry
As disease spreads rampant through the sheets – a child is sold

This isn’t the world I seek – now I lay my mind to sleep
A dreamscape of the past psychedelic world
Where the masters of Lucy with the Sky of Diamonds made love not war

Uh Oh. Half a day is gone
My mind is becoming weary and old
It won’t be long until I may sleep with the night and fade yet
another day.