The Art of Poetry.
Mad House, USA
© May 23, 1985 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

After the accident, my mind was a wreck
and finally they took me away
Away where anger can be expressed
They took me to the Mad House

Mad House, Mad House, USA
That’s where I’m gone spend my holiday
Mad House, Mad House, USA
They serve my food on an old tin tray.

The days are long and the time not spent well
My life’s a disaster, my mind is vegetation
how long will I stay in this state of confusion
I don’t like this place, It’s a living hell

Why did this happen, where did I go wrong?
The people at this place are just like me
Mentally disturbed and treated with electric shock
To scramble your mind –
Or gas to make your lungs fall out

However they take you, nobody comes out alive
That’s Mad House, USA.