The Art of Poetry.
The Urn
© December 1, 1985 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

Stumbling upon an ancient urn with an inscription on its side
I picked it up to dust it off and to read what it had to say
From the legend that I read a genie would be found inside it
Without a doubt, I opened it to find all its mysteries inside
There I was entranced by the beauty of the gas from the spout it came
From the gas appeared a man that of an inconceivable fit.

Then he spoke and said unto me that he would grant me a wish
I paused to think while minutes went by to finally conclude an answer
Then I stood with my wish in mind and I spoke unto thee genie
“Genie,” I said, “I’m in love and I want only one thing.” He listened.
“I want to be loved and seen with a girl named, Aphrodite.
He said unto me, “If that is thy wish then that is what it shall be.”

For days I’ve waited for my wish to come true but then I realized
A lover’s fate cannot be tampered with that of magician
There I sat with a pen in my hand to write to the girl of love
Finally, after the ordeal was over, she received my letter
Now I wait by the urn for her answer to be receiveth.