The Art of Poetry.
Woman is the Devil
© October 3, 2002 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

Woman is the devil, this can be disputed
I offer proof that cannot be refuted
No other impact, can one leave on man
Than whence comes into a picture, a woman

Sure, she is capable to bringing peace to a war
Lest not forget that that war brought on by her
Oh certainly she is desired for that of a relationship
In marriage, a girlfriend, or even in friendship

All is calm, before the storm arrives
That storm is she who alters ours lives
Altered to a state of wonderful illusions
Have taken many a men to various institutions

Men have followed their hearts and more so their desire
To be led down a path, too damn close to the fire
A woman knows what it takes to bring down a man
Follow it through and then take them up again

We are nothing more than puppets to the puppeteer
As every woman holds in their bag of tricks things men hold dear
We are offered comfort, companionship, and desires fulfilled
Any caution we hold is thrown to the wind

Even in situations where we know the prudent choice of action
We tend to follow the lead of the woman in moments of passion
We tend to believe that we control our destiny
Therein lays our mistake as we don’t and that’s the reality

Women come in all shapes, sizes, and shades
All hold their certain appeal, on some plain
Many fall to less than desirable
And then there are those who appear as an angel

It really doesn’t matter how a woman appears
When it comes to bringing down man and this is sincere
Though the woman is the devil, I cannot resist
As I am a warm blooded male with no defenses

Really, I wouldn’t have it any other way
Without the woman, there really is nothing