The Art of Poetry.
© August 17, 2002 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

Once there was such a request
To write a poem of my ability at best
Of a coconut to which I derived
A man on an island a woman no longer survived
Once I was asked to write of a watermelon
A story conjured of actions almost to those of a felon
Where is it do these words have I drawn
At times I don’t even know, sometimes flow like a song
Well, for those whom haven’t the faith in what I have to write
I have something for you well written, chosen, for you tonight
Quickly, take a second and read what there is to follow
It is important, don’t blink, it is far less than mellow
I am the best that there has ever been before me
Just wait and see and look for more of my poetry
I can write on the spot without even a moments notice
I can write all night long, and allow the words do thy justice
But more important than all that has been written
I do this for you, these words I offer, to whom they are given