The Art of Poetry.
The Initial Shock
© November 26, 1986 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

If you see the blast of the 5000 megaton bomb
You’ll see the last of the once a shinning sun
The thermal radiation will last for about a day
The remaining population will appear to be the slain
The toxic gases will last for about a year
You’ll live in fumes with darkness setting near
The world’s on fire with coldness setting in
You’re just desire is to fight for survival and win
The contagious epidemics are those that you will dread
With consumptive shortages you’ll be sure to end up dead
These are the trying times of a nuclear war
These governmental crimes add these to your lore
This is to list a few of a nuclear doom
I dread this war too; I’m not going to stay in my room
I’ll fight for freedom, but not for a governmental cause
I’ll fight to survive, and not for a nuclear loss.