The Art of Poetry.
Death to a Mad Man
© July 11, 1984 by Paul M. Combs, Jr. All Rights Reserved

He walked around real cool
Most people didn’t notice him or care
Those who knew him were no fool
All that they could do was stand and stare

Finally something happened as if it would
The lost soul stopped walking to stare at those who stood
People tried to ignore him by yelling or talking
It was useless maybe he was misunderstood

Three minutes later someone with brains
Decided to call one who’s tied in with reigns
They said don’t worry be there in a flash
The caller hung up and made a dash

You can’t ignore the insane
All they’ll do is be a big pain
When they catch you and they will
Don’t struggle, just be still
If you resist or try to strain
They’ll want to inflict you pain

Within seconds the mad man was running and terrorizing the town
People were scattering all around
Then a large van began to appear
To the mad man it was a scare
The van pulled over with its radiant light
It brought the scare to a complete fright

The mad man began to run and try to hide
But the authority trapped him in an ally’s inside
They tried to reason not to scare
To the shivering man the images formed a bear

Hands from around him started to grab
All that he could do was kick and stab
The cops had no self restraint
Of course, as usual who was to blame?

Coppers had their guns ready to fire
For no reason at all they called him a liar
They all thought he should be dead
So one cop took his gun and shot him in the head.